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sponsorship opportunities


Make an Impact

with your sponsorship

There are many ways to sponsor to help. One way is in sponsoring the actual saves of our animals, billboards that reach thousands, trees around our property that hold meaning and stalls that provide housing while they are healing.


- retired from riding -

The reality of the horse industry, is that a lot of horses are 'thrown away' because they are too old, or have injuries or physical limitations, which do not allow them to be ridden; 'Retired From Riding'.  After we have evaluated our horse intakes with our vets, if they are not able to be adopted out as a riding horse, but can live pain free as a pasture/companion only horse, they are placed at one of our pasture facilities to live their best lives. The odds of them finding a forever home are unfortunately extremely low.

Sponsorships go a LONG WAY with helping us take care of and manage their ongoing needs. Additionally, your sponsorship helps us help more non rideable horses who need a soft landing while they are waiting for their forever home to come along.

We appreciate your wanting to help us help them, to continue to make a difference and impact in the lives of the horses who need it the most!

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Sponsor an ASIAB Permanent Resident

Sponsoring a permanent resident at our facility is a meaningful way to ensure the well being and care of our permanent 'family'. Your sponsorship directly contributes to their daily needs, including shelter, food, medical and enrichment activities. 

Your support not only sustains their livelihood, but also fosters a sense of security and stability, ultimately providing them with the best quality of life which they deserve.

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