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Who We Are

We are an equine rescue whose large ambitions include rescuing horses and donkeys from the feed lots who would otherwise be shipped across the border to be slaughtered for human consumption. We provide them with medical attention and most importantly, find them the loving homes they deserve.  Furthermore, we use different community programs to further rehabilitate the horses, who in return help to rehabilitate the individuals in these programs.


 We saw the need to step forward and create a way to help the thousands of horses and donkeys that are trapped in the slaughter and horse industry pipeline.


Our organization is supported by friends, donors and volunteers that share this same belief with us!

About Us


This is literally the photo to HOW All Seated in a Barn began. Two sisters watching the Bachelorette in January of 2018. A post on social media with THIS photo and his slaughter ship date. He had less than 12 hours before he was gone forever. A few more glasses of wine and he was bought, transport was arranged and it would be 30 days before he entered our lives - changing everything. 

I remember seeing him for the first time and crying. He was perfect. What was I going to do with a donkey? I knew nothing about donkeys! It wasn't until my sister and a few of our friends got together, around him, realizing we wanted to help save more horses and donkeys from the same fate, slaughter. 

The rest is, well, history!


Meet The Founders

We are more than individuals. We are a team. Without each other, our friends, our family, the volunteers and all those who contribute we could not do this; they are amazing.
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 4.22.16 AM.png
Tahlia Fischer
Founder I Director
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 4.22.01 AM.png
Jennifer Noel
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 4.21.45 AM.png
Margaux Fischer
Founder & Photographer
LeAnn Lynette
Event & Volunteer Coordinator
Meet The Team

Follow Our Rescue

Follow our Rescue

Training Partners

Training Partners
Brian Lawson 2.jpg

Brian Lawson


We work together with Brian at Lawsons Ranch to both refresh and retrain our rescues. They deserve to be set up for success in their second chances so that they can thrive in their new homes.

Brian Lawsons Ranch.jpeg
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