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The Horse Experience

This is a chance to spend two hours with one of our horses learning ALL about them. In a private setting, we will teach all about horse safety, get a chance to learn why and how to groom the horse and the proper way to tack up. We will also provide a mini 30 minute lesson riding the horse. The horse experience can be tailored to the age/level of the rider. This is a great experience for birthdays or special occasions!

The Horse Experience
$175 for a two hour session

Is there an age requirement?

The horse experience can be tailored for any age. We welcome ages 6 and up. 

What should they wear?

Closed toed shoes are a must. Plan on getting a little dirty, so dress comfortably and appropriately. 

Can the whole family come?

This experience is designed for one-on-one time with the handler and the participant. Of course parents are welcome to stay and take photos. 

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About The Program

Our equine emotional therapy program stemmed from the result of simply being around the animals. It is amazing what connecting to an animal can do for your soul. It brings emotions, thoughts and feelings to the surface -it brings peace. Our animals have all been through something. Whether it is neglect, abandonment, abuse or just simply being discarded for old age, they, like all of us, are healing from something. This program is not just about you or about them, it is about all of us.

Our equine emotional therapy sessions are a collaborative effort between the trainer, the horse, and you – experienced in the open air and in an almost magical environment.Through equine therapy, you learn and practice skills of patience,

self-confidence, empathy, compassion, and trust.

You will practice and learn techniques of building healthy relationships by establishing a safe and trusting relationship with a horse. Learning to trust a 1,000 pound horse, and gaining that horse’s trust, helps you overcome personal barriers, learn responsibility, and accept accountability. 

Additionally, you will interact with horses and other various animals on the property. Through practices like bathing, grooming and caring for the horses, you will have the ability to explore your own feelings, behaviors and interactions with others. Each session is geared towards you and what you need on that day. 

After participating in equine therapy, you will often find it easier to speak your mind, process your emotions and connect with yourself and others in the community. Equine therapy brings emotions to the surface so that you can begin working through them.

GREAT Program

**Unfortunately at this time, we are only focusing on individuals who are seeking emotional support, whether that be from personal issues, a bad day, family problems or you just need to take an hour long stress free break from life. We are not a physical therapy program with licensed physical therapists. There are some amazing programs out there that can help with that and we are happy to make suggestions! Here in Bakersfield we highly recommend MARE. They are incredible people doing amazing things for kids and adults. 

Other Benefits Include:
  • Increased empathy and willingness to be vulnerable

  • Increased sense of responsibility and self-confidence

  • Better communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills

  • Better ability to express feelings, needs, hopes and desires

  • Improved ability to process and share difficult emotions and experiences

  • Increased connection to self and others

  • Better understanding of teamwork and community

  • Increased trust and respect in relationships

  • Greater respect for diversity and individuality


We offer our equine therapy to active duty and retired veterans.. This program is funded entirely by donations — at no cost to the participants or the federal government. Any Veteran wanting to book a session with us can receive our services at no charge.

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