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Oh Ziggy how we love you! Ziggy is the second horse baby born to us here at our California location. His mom Beth was loved SO much by everyone. We rescued Beth from the Direct Ship to slaughter pen, tagged to go to Mexico to meet a horrifying ending, in November of 2022. We had no idea she was expecting and it was a complete suprise to all of us when she started showing signs of a possible baby on the way. It was TWO lives saved that November day, who would have thought?!


Ziggy was born in April of 2022, and was immediatly adored by everyone. He had the neatest white blaze that was literally a zig zag down his face, which is where his name Ziggy stemmed from. Over time it stretched out and straightened out, but he is and always will be our Ziggy boy.


Sadly, his mom Beth developed cancer and had to be humanely let go when it go too difficult for her to physically function. It was one of the hardest decisions by our team, but we knew it was the right thing to do by her. We made a promise that Ziggy would always stay with us as her son, and would be spoiled and loved and would also give us the ability to tell his moms story to allow her legacy to live on and to continue to make an impact.


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