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What ASIAB is all about and WHAT we do

Yes you, I am glad you are reading this. I HOPE you are reading this! It is very interesting to me that there are people out there who would love to see All Seated in a Barn fail. They intentionally say bad, UNTRUE things, bash us, bash me, make false accusations that we don't have the vet out (the bank account says otherwise, especially since the 20 donkeys who were all sick came in) and that we are frauds. There are literally thousands in this group who do nothing but talk negative and try to close us down.

What if I told you right now, we are done. We are not rescuing any more horses, donkeys, nothing. We are closing our facilities doors and will no longer be around. All the horses we have under our care right now will be euthanized, since that was the fate they were all heading for anyway, to die. I know for me, it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

We are NOT frauds. We purchase every single horse from the Bowie Kill Pen. We have purchased from other kill pens, however, a lot of these so called Kill Pens are NOT honest about the horses. We have yet in two years to not have a realistic opinion of every animal we have gotten from Bowie, including "are you sure you want to bail this animal, it is really sick", "are you sure you want this herd of donkeys, they are in rough shape".. Hope, wouldn't be here if I listened to their heed of warning about how bad she was, and she also wouldn't be alive if I didn't buy her off the auction that night.

I am ALWAYS honest. I am honest when I make posts, I respond to every single person that asks questions, makes a comment etc. I might be slow sometimes, but sometimes I get 1000 texts and 100 phone calls a day, not counting Facebook and Instagram messages, and running the barn, and working a full time job, but I do the best that I can.

I try to post as much as I physically can, updates on horses, pictures of farrier bills, vet bills, if someone asks for a photo or an update of a specific horse or situation I ALWAYS answer them with an update. IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. I am well aware that without donations, the barn, these animals, wouldn't exist. I respect that fact and try to do right by everyone.

There are people saying the lot pays me.. are you kidding me?! PAYS ME!? Pays me for what?! The most they do is give me a shipping discount if we have enough animals on the trailer or will give us $50-$100 off an animals price, which we use to go right back to the horses vet bills, dental, chiro, food, etc. Can one of these accusers please show me in my bank account or wherever this money that they are paying me actually is at so I can put it towards the horses?!

FACTS: our barn pens are cleaned 2-4x A DAY. We have the vet out 1-2-3x a week depending what is going on. our vets name is Dr. Catrina Lukas and I invite you to call her for confirmation of this since we are also accused of not having the vet out. Her number is: 661.859.6168 The farrier is out 1x a week. The chiro comes out as needed on a horse by horse basis. Our feed is delivered 1x a week, sometimes 2x by FC Gilberts (call them and ask).

Lets see what else... did you know we have two groups of kids in the foster system come out, one group weekly. You should tell them the barn is meaningless and deserves to be shut down. Let that sink into what has become their safe place and a place of healing for them.

We have some of the girlscout troops out, the home schools out, the school districts out, the kids who cannot graduate yet because they are behind once a week, retirement homes.. I mean do I need to go on? We donate once a month to a different local non profit organization in our community to help them raise what they need the most. Part of who ASIAB is, is making sure that people know that TOGETHER YOU CAN MAKE GREAT CHANGE! TOGETHER YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH A LOT!

I challenge you to really focus on your accusations. I challenge you to call me or email me directly. I challenge you to be a better person and come to the barn and SEE IT. The barn is a magical place of healing, love, honesty, patience, kindness and as far as I am concerned will ALWAYS be that way, towards the animals and the people. In fact, to the haters who are having a great time bashing me in these groups and bashing ASIAB and lying and making threats, maybe you need our barn more then you think.

My cell is: 661-204-4016 if you ever need an updated photo of anything including bills, vet records, photos etc. or simply have questions on how the barn works etc.

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