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and here it begins..

It all started with a donkey. Doesn't everything?! One of our goals at ASIAB for 2020 was to start a blog to not only be able to type what is going on, on a daily basis for everyone to read and stay up to date, but to also allow us to be raw, real, honest and have a platform to vent, educate, share and continue to make a difference. Maybe a blog helps those who are wanting to feel more connected, really get that connection?? Either way, it is another avenue to reach more people and to really get to know US on another level.

So, here it begins. Our ASIAB blog. They won't all be written by me. I am hoping, that with this blog, the volunteers and those who are personally close to the barn, can also share their feelings, thoughts, struggles, victories and hardships. Another way for everyone to get to know us! We are an interesting gang of humans, that is for sure! Each of us with our own take on the barn, horse/donkey relationships, struggles and most important, voices to be heard.

So, with that being said, welcome to the 2020 journey of All Seated in a Barn <3

- Tahlia

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