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Splash was taken in, in August of 2023 during the auction weekend. He was supposed to be ridden through the catalogue sale, however due to him suffering an episode of extreme colic, was sold to us so we could immediately get him taken to the hospital. THANK GOD he survived and pulled through. 


What we learned through blood work while he was there was that Splash has a condition called PSSM1. This ultimately causes him stomach issues and forces him to be on a strict diet. At the auction he was being fed alfalfa which to me, is half the reason he colic'd. Stress + the wrong feed + 100 degrees = a horrible situation for this poor guy.


Once we got him home from the hospital, it became clear that he was ALSO a cribber, which additionally causes stomach issues in horses. So. now, not only does he need to be on a special diet, he is also a chronic cribber AND does not like to be ridden. All of these things mean that the likelihood of Splash ever finding a home but also successfully being able to be adopted out with all of his issues, is non existant. It is just reality. People dont want to take on possible medical cases, and in his case, extreme medical if he colics, so we made the decision that for Splash, the best case is to stay with us. 


He is currently being fostered with an amazing volunteer in our organization, providing her horse a companion, but also making sure Splash gets the best of the best!


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