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Maverick. Sweet Maverick. Maverick is one of our first owner surrenders of 2024. We were contacted by his owner who had rescued this BLM mustang and due to him having melanomas, did not want to continue with his care for personal reasons. This is why I stand firm when I state, let rescues RESCUE. People with kind hearts want to help, while also 'wanting a horse', and when reality sets in and the realization that the horse maybe isnt the best fit, they go on a search to find the horse a new home. This can, and in most cases does, lead the horse back to the auction pipeline. 


Maverick, being a grey, immediatly sets him up to develop melanomas. This is extremely common in grey and white horses and although not painful, will ultimately lead to them having complications. This takes years and years though, and luckily for Maverick his melanomas are small and in his mouth and his tail head. Nothing scary yet or that is causing him any sort of discomfort. 


Maverick is currently being fostered under the ASIAB permanent resident umbrella because we do not feel comfortable adopting him out without having assurance that over the next 20 years he wont be monitored in a way that sets him up for the best quality of life possible. Due to this, he will spend his days being absolutely spoiled by one of THE BEST fosters in our network. He even has two other ASIAB reitrees as his companions!


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