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Jasper was rescued in the loose sale of the auction in 2022. The first thing we noticed about Jasper was that not only was he beautiful, but he was so incredibly kind. When we inititally did his xrays it became clear that he had been thrown away because of being used extremely hard by whoever was his rider and owner. He has the saddle marks to prove it. This combined with no proactive management for his physical condition, led him to be adoptable as a pleasure, walk-trot horse. 


He stayed in Texas for about 6 months to heal and have some decompression time, and was then brought to California so we could work on finding him a forever home. It was at this time that we did his 6 month xrays to see how he was progressing and it was then that it became clear, Jasper should NOT be adopted out as a riding horse. His bones were not healing in the way that would set him up for success as a riding horse, so we made a team decision to retire him to pasture to live his days out with our caretakers in Texas, who are in LOVE with this guy. 


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