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501(c)3 Non Profit Horse & Donkey Rescue
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100,000 horses and donkeys are shipped to be slaughtered every year to Mexico and Canada.

Here's how you can help us save equine lives:





Today starts a brand new chapter for ASIAB. 

Join us in our fight to create and inspire change

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Animal Rescue

Horses & Donkeys saved from slaughter in 2021: 
horses & donkeys saved from slaughter in 2020:
horses & donkeys saved from slaughter in 2019:

Featured Rescue

Meet Yoda! He is a 20 year old gelding. From what we can figure out from him, he was used as a dancing horse. He is extremely gentle but would require someone with experience since his buttons are different than a traditional riding horse. 

Join Us At The Barn

Our goal is to have a voice for these an

wine dinners
and events

In wanting to be a little different, we at All Seated in a Barn decided to take what we are passionate about, wine, family, friends and animals, and combine them into a unique fundraising setting! We host wine dinners, yoga, paint days, music nights and more!


and programs

We love visitors! However, we are by appointment only and for a minimum donation of $20 per family. To book an appointment please click below.

We also offer a couple of programs such as a Horse Experience along with our therapy program, GREAT.


Quietly nestled next to pistachio orchards, the Venue at ASIAB is a one of a kind destination for outdoor ceremonies. Boasting a beautiful open concept wooden barn, bridal and groom suites, flowering branches, fairy lights, and more!

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